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"Yemenis abroad"
Woman gives birth as son dies in same hospital
On Thursday afternoon, she remained in the hospital, oblivious, he said: "I don't want to tell her." ...
Yemenis abroad
Friday, 28-October-2005
Almotamar Net - New York-WABC- New York police are looking for the men who shot and killed a young clerk at a bodega in Queens.

The victim -- a 19-year old from Yemen who moved here just a month ago.
It happened on Farmer's Boulevard in Springfield Gardens in the same store where another person was shot last week.

Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis is there with more.

Police say the two cases are not connected but speaks to the increase in violence in this community. This one was particularly vicious robbery. Faisal Hassal, victim's cousin: "Not even one word. They shot him and that was it."
If Faisal Hassal seems shaken up, it's because he's working the bullet-pocked counter where his cousin was killed less than 24 hours ago.

Around 9:30 last night a group of men walked into Farmer's Deli in Springfield Gardens and shot Yaser Saleh at point blank range.

The 19-year old native of Yemen had just started working at the bodega a month ago but was already well liked.

Crystal Byas, neighborhood resident: "He was funny, nice"

This is the second recent shooting at the deli. Just last week, an off-duty police officer was held up at gunpoint as he left the store. The officer ended up shooting one of the suspects in the leg, and four people were arrested.

As police offer a reward and ask for information in this case, detectives are reviewing surveillance video tapes from the neighborhood store.

Rhaleek Walker, neighborhood resident: "You see him everyday. You go in and get what you need, go about your business. These guys had no reason."

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Thursday, 24-August-2017
Saudi aggression's warplanes waged five raids on Serwah district of Marib province overnight, an official said on Thursday.

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Thursday, 24-August-2017
Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis descended Thursday (Aug 24) on Sanaa in a major show to celebrate of the 35th anniversary of the General People's Congress (GPC) founding anniversary.
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Saudi aggression warplanes launched seven air strikes on Saada province overnight, an official said on Wednesday.
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Armed forces' spokesman Brigadier General, Sharaf Luqman said the army and popular forces have provided the greatest sacrifices to defend the homeland against Saudi-led aggression forces, stressing on maintaining the internal unity.

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The Saudi fighter jets launched two raids on Harib al-Qaramish district of Marib province, an official said on Monday.

The strikes hit al-Hazam area, leaving heavy damage to

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